It Happened!

Some of you Lovelies have been following my adventure very closely at the store, but for those of you who don’t know yet — My fiancé and I finally finally FINALLY were able to close on a house this past week! Our very first house, in fact. (Which, thankfully was unscathed after the storm. The mailbox was not so lucky, but I’ll take it.) After 6 months of torturous ups and downs, it’s finally over, and do you know what that means?

Yes, that’s right. 

I have my stash back, and it doesn’t even have moths in it (knock on wood).

Moving Pro Tip: Use your yarn and bags of roving as filler for your delicate Halloweentime Spooky Mask that you thought you’d have back in time to wear for Halloween, and then drastically miscalculate how much time it actually takes to buy a house.  

My first project in the new house? 

Blaze orange hats and wraps, because it’s been about 2.5 years since I lived in the middle of the woods, and I forgot that hunting season existed. Whoops! Stay safe, Lovelies.  


Written by Catherine Eason

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  1. OMG Catherine, Congratulations!!! I knew you would do it and that it would FINALLY all come together. I trust you are breathing easier now…Sorry about your mailbox but small potatoes as you said (in so many words) I am so happy for you two! xoxoxo Alice

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