In Which I Try Something New

Mim has declared that “Tuesdays are for trying something new”, and has encouraged us to join her for testing out fun and unusual fiber crafting techniques. Today, she encouraged me to leave my messy desk and meet her in the kitchenette, where I found a table covered in plastic sheeting, some white skeins of yarn, and a truly impressive number of Sharpie markers. Mim is going to be teaching a class on Sharpie Art Yarn on Tuesday, February 21st at 6 pm, so I got an opportunity to test it out! (Perks of working in a yarn shop, you guys.)

I should warn you ahead of time that you might want some ventilation while you’re scribbling away with Sharpies. But aside from that, this is a great project for all ages. I love the idea of using fairly common household items to handpaint your yarn at your kitchen table!


Look at all the colors! Wearing gloves was very helpful, as was the plastic sheet on the table — I definitely drew on it more than once.

Everyone chose different styles for their yarn: Mim went for tonal speckles, I chose color blocking, and Lauren went for a multicolor blend.

Spraying the yarn with alcohol really made the colors intensify, and made me wish that I’d chosen neons.

Stay tuned to see how these colors turn out once we rinse and heat set the yarn! I’m guessing it will fade a little, and perhaps blend a bit. I can’t wait to show you more! Again, sign up for our class, Sharpie Art Yarn, if you’d like to try this fun activity on Tuesday, February 21st. 

Written by Jennifer Woodman

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