In His House at R’lyeh, Dead Cthulhu Waits Knitting

So recently I’ve gone head over heels for charts. Big charts. Like, really big charts. Maybe it’s because they appeal to the illustrator in me, maybe I’m becoming a knitting masochist and am just now realizing it, who knows, but in the past week or two I’ve started 3 projects with them!… Ok, I started 4, but I’m restarting that one now that I know how to double knit. I wish I could say that it started out innocent enough, but that would be a lie. No, my first ever chart was me diving straight into the deep-end (and I’m blaming Jen for showing me the pattern).


You would think that I would know better than to foolishly believe I could keep my sanity with anything involving the Great Cthulhu, but no. The first chart I ever started was The Great Old One, Cthulhu  pattern. I’ve been working on two of them, actually, where one is single-sided and textured with knits and purls made in Quince&Co’s Tern, and the other (that I tore out and am restarting) will be the actual double knit version shown on the ravelry page made in Berroco’s Folio and Folio Luxe.  I’m not adding beads, because no.



The second chart is one that I found back in October of 2015. It was originally made to be a crochet pattern, and I had intended to use it as such, but the opportunity to make it into a shoulder wrap with knit and purl’d texture was too good to pass up. The Tern has proved itself to be wonderful to knit with as well, so I’m using the Oyster color-way for this one! You can see a rather dashing skull cap start to appear.



So that brings us to the fourth project, and oh my goodness it is already my pride and joy despite only being two rows in. While browsing the vast plain that is Ravelry, I stumbled across a chart that someone had made and ever-so-kindly provided freely of my favorite band’s logo.   (They also have a lot of other charts for metal band logos, and I may or may not have my eye on the ones for Metallica ). The chart itself will make a very long cowl that I intend to give to a friend in Washington, but I couldn’t decide which color of Cascade’s Cherub Aran I wanted to be the foreground and background. So, naturally, I chose both. Lauren was very kind to teach me how to double knit, and now I can’t stop! The technique is surprisingly easier than I had expected, and I enjoy it very much.


Nebel wants to help.


Written by Catherine Eason

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