I’m A Hat Person

The Rock City hat.

Hello! My name is Lauren, and I’m a hat person. I’m crazy about hats. Every kind of hat*. Why did hats ever go out of style as an essential fashion accessory? Some people seem to think they can’t pull off hats, but I am convinced there’s a hat for every woman and every man.

* Almost every kind of hat: I do believe it’s possible for a hat to be too big, too small, or too weird.

  Too big. Image Source.

  Too small. Image Source.

Too weird. Image Source.


I’m sure this is not an unpopular opinion, but I think the best hat styles of all time were invented in the 1920s. They’re sleek, stylish, with embellishments that are often understated (though maybe flashy by our ho-hum hat standards these days). They feature clever asymmetrical designs. They’re flattering on almost every head. The pleats, ruffles and ruches are my favorite. And the Art Deco geometric details. These 1920’s hat illustrations inspire me to no end. I could admire them all day.


Obviously, these drawings aren’t depicting knitted hats, but my question is why ever not? Yesterday, I felt inspired to go home and knit myself a 1920’s turban-style hat (yeah, I sat down and knit this hat for 8 straight hours). This side-to-side design with a ruched side and a little knotted tie has been on my mind for a while. Maybe it was the snowy weather that made me do it finally. To tell you the truth, I feel pretty cute in this hat. And I’m feeling fired up about trying to capture more of the details I love about 1920’s hats in knitted hat designs. Maybe I’ll try some more hand-felting (but ow, my arms) or maybe I’ll try some little crocheted or needle felted or beaded details. We’ll see how that goes. Sometimes I don’t even know where my knitting whims are going to take me.

Ok, now the office selfies are getting a little awkward.

My love of hats isn’t limited to this particular era, of course. The other day, I was captivated by a hat I saw on the head of a woman at Rock City Cafe while I was having lunch. Fortunately, she was facing away from me, so I was able to stare at her hat discretely. I loved how the triangle-wedges formed perfect little spots for buttons down the side, and I loved the petite rolled brim. I drew a little schematic doodle on a sticky note so I’d remember what her hat looked like. Then I knit myself one and topped it off with a furry pompom. When I get around to writing up a pattern for this hat, I’m going to call it the Rock City hat. I have to tell you, the other thing I love about hats is that I can finish them quickly. It’s quite satisfying to have an idea become a physical object within a day or two.

I think it’s safe to proclaim hats are my favorite thing to knit. For now. Who’s with me – are there any other Hat People out there?

Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

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