I Love Yarn Day Community Blanket Knitting Marathon

National I Love Yarn Day comes around every October.  To celebrate, we’re sponsoring a 24 hour Community Blanket marathon. Here’s how it works: a team of four people work in a circle, all knitting at the same time on four circular needles that make up the sides of a square.  It looks some thing like this…

There is a pattern on Ravelry here with a more in depth description of how it works.  Anyone can tap in to put in a few stitches…or rounds…or tap out to take a break.  The blanket grows four rounds at a time and makes a lovely concentric stripe pattern that looks some thing like this…

We start at High Noon on Friday in Winslow-Holbrook square in down town Rockland, Maine on the corner of Park and Maine streets.  (It’s the little one next to The Brass Compass.)

…and knit through the day and night until noon on Saturday.

What do we need from you?  We need you to make a two hour commitment so no one gets stuck and everyone gets to take credit.  You can come alone, or with friends, and if you want to advertise your group’s participation we’ll have opportunities to network, pass out business cards or brochures, and recruit other knitters.

After the marathon, we will hold a raffle through Thanksgiving to determine the winner of the blanket. Proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice.  We will have a list of possible recipients and ask people to vote for the organization they would like to see the money go to by putting a can or box of non-perishable food into a box with their favorite charity.  If you want your special non-profit organization to be in the running to receive the blanket, let us know and we’ll put you on the list.  Then you can get all your organization’s network of folks to come out and knit or vote or both.  We will be selling raffle tickets at the Marathon on the day of the event ,and in the store after until we draw the winner at Rockland’s Festival of Lights (which is Thanksgiving weekend) with all the cash going to the winning non-profit, the blanket going to the raffle winner and all the food donations going to the local food pantry.

So you have a bunch of ways to be involved:

*  Come and knit alone or as a team

*  Come vote for your favorite non-profit

*  Come pass out cards, brochures of other information

*  Come buy a raffle ticket

*  Get your friends to come watch you knit, vote for your non-profit group or buy a raffle ticket

It’ll be fun.  You’ll get to meet other knitters.  And you’ll get to show off your love of yarn.

To get involved, drop by or call the shop, or email or Facebook or comment right here on the web site and we’ll sign you up for your two hour shift.  Come on over and knit a while!  We’ll fill the square with yummy yarny goodness.