Hey, Girl…

You know we have a great time making our Stitch and Spin reminder memes.  There are very few places where part of ones job is to cruise the internet looking for handsome men, then fantasizing about what they might say to us about our yarn habits.  But here, it’s a twice a week event.  Several of us ponder, make selections, dream and finally select a beautiful guy and compose a sweet annotation.  And we put them up on Facebook just for you all.  We have a great time doing it, and most of our friends really enjoy them.

And then I got a funny kind of eye opener.  It seems so intuitive and universal a thing to do.  Everyone has dreams and fantasies, right?  And externalizing them in visual form is fun and whimsical and maybe just a bit silly.  Posting them on our Facebook page acknowledges the nature of an interior life and brings it into a sharable community experience.  Right?  Right?

I could go on a political rant about the over exposure of women’s bodies in the retail marketing industry and how there is no concomitant use of men’s bodies.  Or maybe a liberal feminist lecture on turn about being fair play.  But neither of these explains why we do it.  We do it because it’s fun.  Somehow we thought the impulse was self explanatory, until we tried to explain it to a couple of the men in the store.  They just didn’t seem to understand.  Why would we want to take a picture of a handsome man and put words in his mouth…and such ridiculous words?

We had our Cascade yarn rep in this week.  He’s a great guy.  He’s fun and smart and handsome in a tall, slender athletic way, and very knowledgable about yarn.  He’s actually “Hey, Girl…” material himself.  And he knits.  He works with yarnies all the time and seems to have a great handle on how we think and feel.  We started talking about our Facebook page and our thriving yarnie community, and how we do a great job of getting people to turn out for our community events.  Then we got to our “Hey, Girl…” memes…and he didn’t get it.  And we had a hard time explaining it him.  We showed him some of our favorite “Hey, Girl…” shots and talked about fun and fantasy and our passion for both yarn and whimsy.  He shook his head for a while, but finally kind of got the joke.  Then, we showed him our final example…



You know his response?  “Oh, yeah I kinda get it, but…who’s the guy?”  Really?  Maybe it’s just a woman thing.  Or maybe it’s just a yarnie thing.  Or maybe it’s just us few here at OTR.  But seriously…don’t you all recognize this guy?


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  1. I totally get the fantasy guy! I look forward to seeing him every week (whoever he may be). It’s funny and ridiculous, and maybe that makes it even more funny. I showed it to my husband, and he laughed out loud. He got it also. But then, he is has a large feminine side. Maybe it is a hormonal thing? Balance of estrogen and testosterone? Proportions?

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