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Wednesday morning at Stitch ‘n’ Spin, Anne, one of our regulars, was crocheting a witch cap in orange and purple. I’d almost forgotten that Halloween was coming up! This time last year, Jennifer shared some fabulous knit and crocheted Halloween costume piece ideas and Catherine got into the Halloween knitting zone with some darling knit pumpkins. Halloween is a fun excuse to let loose in your real life and your knitting life – how about knitting something a little more playful than usual? There are so many ideas for Halloween decor and costumes big and small on Ravelry. It was hard to pick just a handful, so hopefully this post will be a feast for the eyes! Here are a few of my favorites, by theme.

First, Candy Corn!

Whether or not you love eating candy corn, you can’t deny its iconic shape and color scheme! Why not celebrate Halloween with some squishy candy corn decor (possibly with a face, because it’s more fun that way) or a candy corn striped hat?


Next, Pumpkins! Because pumpkins are a Fall classic. And they’re not just for Halloween – unless we give them Jack-o-Lantern faces. These stranded colorwork pumpkin mitts are quite elegant, and these pumpkin booties are adorable, like little elf shoes!

Next, Spooky Critters! 

Like ghosts, vampires, witches and spiders. For folks who like the scary side of Halloween – but really not too scary, when it comes to knitting. These stuffed toys are awfully cute, and these tiny Halloween stockings could grace your home straight through Christmas.


Last, Black and Orange!

The classic Halloween color scheme. If it’s black and orange, it screams Halloween no matter when you wear it. Since black and orange are highly contrasting colors, they’ll really make your stranded colorwork shine!

Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

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