…from me to you, with love.

I got in this morning at a little bit before 8am.  Early.  I know.  And I had the best intentions of blogging and catching up on email before the general staff meeting at 9am.  Yeah.  Right.  I never made it to my computer until late this afternoon and I have been trying to figure out how to upload an mp3 file to Facebook.  Anyone with any insight into that could give me a hint…there might be some yarn in it for you.

It has been raining off and on most of the day, but the sun has come out now, and things are drying up.  I went for a wee walk in the alley to clear my head so I could have another go at the computer and I found this.

It’s a kiss.  From me to all the spectacular folks who work for me.  To Allison who worries too much and knows more than I do, to Jennifer so far away, to Justine who loves the structure of it all, to Martha who moves yarn like you can’t even believe with quiet grace, the Kaila who sparks her dimples and blossoms every day, to Corwin who charms and comforts and joyfully runs up the learning curve, and to Liz who is still finding her feet but keeps showing her patience.  And mostly to Kristin, for everything.  I couldn’t do it without you guys and I know it…and I’m grateful.  Smoooooootch.



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