Frogging the pig.

I love the way knitters talk to each other. I love it that when we use the terms “front” and “back” to mean several things, we easily figure out through the context what we’re talking about. You know what I mean? The sweater front is obviously the front. And when were working on something, the front is the side facing us. And the front is the side that will be facing the outside world when we’re wearing or showing our finished piece. So…when you’re working the front side of your sweater front, hold the yarn in front when you slip the stitch. Conversely, when you work the back of the back, hold it in the back. Get it? Easy, right?

And I love the tern “frogging.” You know, when you’ve made a mistake you can’t fix any other way, you have to rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. A trip to the frog pond is usually accompanied by many other words that are more universally applied and inappropriate for polite company.

But today, while I still love the words, I am completely demoralized by the concept. I have been knitting the Lola pig (pattern here) in Ella Rae Amity Print.  A sweet Faire Isle self striping worsted weight acrylic.  I mean a Faire Isle self striped pig?  Who could resist?  Here is a finished one a customer brought it.  I fell in love instantly.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Just too cute!  I love everything about it.  When I saw the curly tail I even overcame my acrylic abhorrence and cast on with a shivery thrill.

You see, my cousin had a baby last spring and named her Fern.  Yup.  Fern.  And I think any little girl named fern should have a pig all her own.  I’ve been calling him Wilbur.

It says in the pattern notes that the increases on the rear will be placed asymmetrically so I didn’t worry until I was doing the last round of decreases on the nose.  My stitches and markers didn’t line up with the pattern.  I counted and fiddled and tore out and reknit.  Still not right.  I reread the pattern and there it was.  Asymmetrical, yes, but I had placed my markers in wildly wrong places from the first row.  No way to fix it.  Nothing for it but to go back to the cast on and re-do the whole bloomin’ thing.  *sigh*  Rip-it, rip-it, rip, it.  There were many expletives.  And even some tears.  But here is my Wilbur.

Not so beautiful.  I think I have to go back to Corinne and stop this messing about.  Wilbur can go in time out until he has learned the error of his ways.  I’ll go back to him when Corinne is finished.  And maybe Boyfriend.  And maybe all my other holiday knitting.  It might take that long for me to get over it.  But Fern will have a Wilbur for Christmas.

And by the way, does anybody have a cute spider pattern?



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