For The Gamers Out There

— And for those of you who have gamers in your lives.

So E3 is over for another year, and we’ve been shown some pretty amazing things. Are you or someone you know excited? Man, so am I (don’t even get me started on Pokémon Go. I will dominate all the gyms in Rockland, mark my words) ! The only thing that’s so awful is the long, long wait for so many of these games.

But don’t despair, lovelies! We fiber artists have a secret weapon against time– projects! In this post I would like to show some of the video game related projects that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time, and hopefully inspire some of you to make some for yourselves or for people you know who would love them!

Legends of Zelda:

There’s so many things you can find that are knit and crochet from this series it can be a little overwhelming, but from the pile I’ve got two patterns I’m very eager to finish.

First is Link’s Gauntlets  . Now that I know how to use double-pointed needles, I’m sure I’ll be getting around to this one soon…once the mass of started projects has been slimmed down a bit.


Link’s Gauntlets © Emily Hastings

This next one I’ve already started, and I’m sure some of you will roll your eyes. Yes, it’s another double knit chart for this super amazing scarf.  It’ll be done. One day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.20.56 AM

LoZ scarf © to Yodaman921 (Scott ) on dA



I love pretty much everything Pokémon related that you can find on Ravelry, but the patterns I’m most eager to get my crochet hook into are the precious plushies by Evelyn Pham. 

Charmander plush © Evelyn Pham

Charmander plush © Evelyn Pham

I mean, seriously. Look how freakishly adorable this little guy is!



Or as I like to call it, ” Danger Legos ™ “. Why is it dangerous? Well, because it’s full of Creepers


Creeper Blanket © to Katherine Youngs

and just when you think you’re safe after you’ve run and hid in a man-made path down your diamond mine, there’s more Creepers.  (Especially with this new spawn update, you know? Goodness gracious they’re everywhere.)


Minecraft Cowl is © to Arum Dust



If you haven’t heard of Journey before, oh my goodness please try and play it if you can get the chance (Or at the very least, check out the soundtrack). Even if you don’t like to play video games, this one is beyond amazing. It’s simple, short, the art is drop-dead gorgeous, the music is so beautiful it gives me shivers and I cry. Yes, this game makes me cry. It’s a great game. 

You know what else is great? The patterns you can find people making from it. Check out these fingerless gloves, for instance!


Journey Gloves are © to Leili Mander

Let’s be honest though, we all know that I’ll be trying to start the glyphs as a double knit scarf at some point… And probably the rest of the outfit, too.


Written by Catherine Eason

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