First world problems

I’m sitting in the parking lot of McDonald’s in Lincoln because it’s the closest internet connectivity.  This gets me thinking about gratitude.  Yup.  Gratitude.

We have a rustic camp on a lake in Lincoln, Maine that has no phone, no electricity and a hand pump for running water.  I drove up last night so we could spend the weekend hauling the swim float out of the water.  I got here in time to take a dip at twilight.  The water was silky and sparkling with pearly pale reds, oranges, yellows.  It was like bathing in a tub filled with sunset.  When I woke up this morning, I was impatient and dreading having to go into town.  I mean I come up to camp to unplug, unwind, get away from a bustling life.

Now one of the things I like about camp is that there is no phone and no internet connectivity.  And one of the things I dislike about camp is that there is no phone and no internet connectivity.  I like getting away from it all, but I like being plugged in at the same time.  Oxymoron?  Irony?  Conundrum?  Having my cake and eating it, too.  Yeah.  I want what I want when I want it with no delay.  Gratification if the instant variety.  And it’s really amazing how often this happens for me.  I am surrounded by a world designed to entice my impulses and fulfill my wants even before I have them.

This morning I woke up impatient and whining inside my head.  I really, really want to lie in the sun on the float for the last time this summer.  But I have some business to attend to that requires phone and internet.  I was going to have to get into my 1-year old Honda Fit, drive away from my cabin on the lake into a town nearby that has a McDonald’s so i could open my Macbook to check my email and use my iPhone to make a couple of phone calls…oh, and use my credit card to pick up some more ice and some marshmallows for our camp fire later.  Poor, poor me.

After my second cup of gourmet coffee, it started occurring to me that I have no business whining.  Even silently inside my head.  I have so much that I can’t even begin to count all my blessings.  So here I am, in the McDonald’s parking lot, typing away, feeling grateful.  Later I will work with my husband and my son to haul our float out of the water.  Tomorrow I will go home, and Monday I will go back to my shop and fondle yarn and chat with knitters.  That’s my favorite part.

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