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I’ve taken a small hiatus from blogging over the last few weeks and thankfully have some knitting news to report on.  I’ve actually created finished objects!  Hooray. ‘Tis the season for epic cast-on-itis and I’m fighting it hard.  With lots of encouragement from our lovely Over the Rainbow Yarnies, I can happily announce that I’ve finished my November sweater, Mason’s winter hat, a pair of socks, and a mitten (its buddy is in the works).  My new and delightful friend, Jacinda, has been a particularly good influence on me.  Jacinda has NO STASH, she’s like a real life knitting unicorn…. unicorns sound amazing and it seems like they should exist but they’re just too magical.   How a person can exercise such yarn hoarding restraint has always baffled me.  Over tea last Monday, Jacinda showed me her knitting basket.  It’s actually just one basket and that’s all.  If she came to my house for tea, we could make an adult sized fort out of the bins of yarn that are currently stacked in a corner of my new pad and drink our tea inside of it.  Jacinda told me that she wasn’t going to start a new project until she finished a pair of socks for her brother.  Tahhh Dah!


I followed her lead and have finished my first pair of socks ever created in one go.  I’ve knit bunches of socks in my day, I just usually skip making the second one.  It’s good thing that non-matching socks are suddenly “in” with the tweens and hipsters.  I can finally be cool.   My new pair actually fit well and match and I loooove them.  There’s a rockin’ party in my boots today.

photo (3)

And last but not least, Mason’s hat!  It’s very difficult to make my favorite one year old (tomorrow!  Happy Birthday to Mason!) be still long enough for a non-blurry photo-op.

photo (4)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up my responsible knitting streak long enough to bust into the dreaded box of UFOs.   I like to just be hopeful, with no strict rules.  I try not to set myself up for failure with unachievable goals when I spend everyday surrounded by new yarn and exciting possibilities.

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