Faster than you think

October is Comfort Knitting month here at Over The Rainbow Yarn.  It’s the time of year when everybody want to snuggle up with something cozy and warm, serious Christmas knitting gets under way, people feel ready to commit to big projects like sweaters and afghans,  and the basics like boot socks and mittens appeal to us again.  Like Mac ‘N’ Cheese or soup for dinner, your favorite throw blanket across your lap in the evening, the soft pajamas you lounge in on Sunday mornings, some things just whisper, “Come on; get comfortable.  I know you missed me all summer.  And you know it’s going to be a long winter.”

But it’s a funny thing.  In order to be ready for October, we have to get started a month early.  It’s an odd, slightly out of sync rhythm.  It’s a little like an echo effect on a PA system in a large stadium, or the way an Audience clapping along at a concert get a bit off the beat by the time the sound gets to the back of the hall.  To be ready for October Comfort Knitting, everyone here is creating an original knitted scarf.  With yarns we carry, an stitch pattern that is simple enough for advanced beginner or intermediate knitters, and a pattern written up to be published on Ravelry as the criteria, it has been really fun to see what everyone comes up with.  We’ll be introducing you to our creations when the time comes.  And it’s coming faster than you think.  We’re more than half way through September, and we’re more than half way through our scarves.  They will all come together October first.  You’ll have to come try them on…and knit them up to keep warn in the chilly days ahead.

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