Explosive Trends in the World of Yarn Crafts

(Left to right: Azel Pullover, Baa-Ble Hat, Hitchhiker Shawl, Sophie’s Universe Blanket)
In the wondrous world of yarn and social media, knitters and crocheters run around in all the same circles. We’re drawn to one another, and on the internet, Ravelry is our main hub, with tendrils reaching out onto Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere and beyond. On Facebook, we have the big knitting groups like Knitting, Knit & Chat, and Addicted to Knitting. And the big crocheting groups like The Official CCC Social Group and Knitting & Crocheting Circle. Membership in these groups is in the tens of thousands and participation is constant. Ravelry has massively popular social groups too, like Crochet On Ravelry, Sock Knitters Anonymous and of course many, many more in all shapes and sizes. Opportunities to learn from one another and make friends abound, and the spirit of community amongst knitters and crocheters is strong and heartwarming. The level of unwavering positivity is almost overwhelming in contrast to every other large-scale internet community. Just ask a question in one of these groups, and you will receive a hundred thoughtful answers. Share a project, and you will receive a hundred words of praise and encouragement.

Search for “knitting” on Facebook, then select “Groups” and you’ll find countless results.

If you don’t mind, I’ll just interrupt this train of thought for a moment to tell you that I made a Facebook group myself called Over the Rainbow Yarnies. It’s the online counter-part to our Stitch ‘n’ Spin Circles. All are welcome to join!
In our interconnected social media communities, some things explode all over the internet. Some patterns become memes. You’ll see them everywhere you turn, in their original form and in variations. It may begin with the knitters and crocheters themselves, but they’ll reach into the imaginations of non-knitters too. If you are a knitter, all your family and friends will suddenly be asking you with puppy-dog eyes to make them one of these Next Big Things.
In recent times, we’ve seen the the Hitchhiker Shawl, the Baa-Ble Hat, the Azel Pullover, the Mermaid Tail, (a Ravelry search for “mermaid tail” yields over 300 unique designs) the Virus Shawl, crocheted mandala blankets like Sophie’s Universe, and the blanket knit out of roving*.
*perhaps a special category – due to its impractical nature, the blanket knit out of roving is shared and ogled far more often than actually knit.


Today, it’s all about the Messy Bun Hat, a.k.a the Ponytail Hat.


The Holey Hat by SplitStitch Designs, a knit version of the messy bun hat.


It’s All About The Messy Bun by June Nemeth, a crochet version of the Messy Bun Hat.

It began with the crocheters (about a week ago, by my estimation) and remains favored by crocheters over knitters. It’s a funny thing – it’s so hard to tell where a major social media trend begins, and meme-tracking websites like knowyourmeme.com unfortunately don’t extend to knitting trends. (Time to get on that, guys!)

The Messy Bun Hat is essentially a hat with a hole on top – a regular hat with the decreases stopped short and bound off in order to fit a ponytail or a messy bun through the hole. The hat becomes part of the hair style.

Ravelry’s up-to-the-minute Top 20 Patterns (find it right beneath the search bar) in both knit and crochet categories is a good metric of the latest trends, and today I was fascinated by the results:

In Crochet, 16 out of the top 20 patterns on Ravelry are variations of the messy bun hat. In Knitting, there are 2 in the top 20 at this moment.

In short, knitters and crocheters of the world – we’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves here. The age of social media brings us closer together all the time. There’s plenty to be inspired by, and you never know what’s going to crop up next. It might just be a messy bun sticking out of your hat.


Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

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    • I notice a lot of trends just by following crocheting groups on Facebook and by checking out the Top 20 Crochet patterns on a regular basis on Ravelry.com!

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