Skill Builder Series: Building Blocks

Date(s) - Sat, July 30, 2016 - Sat, December 17, 2016
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Over The Rainbow Yarn

We’re doing it again!  We had so many folks sign up in the first half of 2016 that we had to open two sections. And we still had folks who were sad that they missed the beginning. If you missed it before, now’s your chance.  We’re starting over again at the beginning.

BuildingBlocks_Header_WEBUsing Michelle Hunter’s book, Building Blocks, we’ll spend Six Months (July through December 2016) learning about and building skills with textures. This course is designed for complete beginners or those with very minimal knitting experience. If you have never knit before, we will offer a preliminary half hour class so you can learn the foundational skills of casting on and forming knit and purl stitches.

Each class covers two patterns which each include new knitting concepts and techniques.  If you complete all six classes, you’ll have 12 squares that you can assemble into a beautiful throw. We’ll also pronounce you an Intermediate Knitter (look here for a check list of skills), and you’ll be ready to take on nearly any knitting project.

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have the opportunity to progress to Building in Color in early 2017. If you’ve already mastered the basics, we’re also offering the Building in Color series this year at the same time as Building Blocks.

Class will be limited to 10 so you can get the attention you deserve.

We’ll begin July 30, 2016 and the schedule will be as follows:

SkillBuilder_January_FBHeader_WEBJuly 30, 2016 — Block #1: Knit and Purl and Block #2: Charts

FebruaryBuildingBlocks_FB_HeaderWEBAugust 27, 2016 — Block #3: Yarn Over and Bobbles and Block #4: Simple Decreases

MarchBuildingBlocks_FB_HeaderWEBSeptember 24, 2016 — Block #5: Cables and Block #6: Right Twist

April_FB_HeaderOctober 29, 2016 — Block #7: Mock Cable and Block #8: Slip Stitch

MAYBuildingBlocks_FB_HeaderWEBNovember 26, 2016 — Block #9: Left Twist and Block #10: SSK

JUNEBuildingBlocks_FB_HeaderWEBDecember 17, 2016 — Block #11: Make One and Block #12: Advanced Decreases and Finishing


We’ll talk about yarn choices in the first class, and you’ll have an opportunity to pick yarn and the needles to go with it as part of our first class.  If you are already familiar with yarn and all its properties, and want to get started early, you’ll need worsted or aran weight yarn and needles to go with your yarn.

You’ll also need a notions kit that includes tapestry needles, a measuring tape, stitch markers, a pair of scissors and a cable needle… and any other notions you find appealing.

If you already have most of these skills and want to drop in for only the sessions covering gaps in your checklist, you’re welcome!


Individual Class: $25 (Book costs $19.99)

Series of 6 Classes: $150 (Book included for free)

Note: If you register online, we will save a spot for you, but you’ll have to pay when you arrive for class or at your convenience – in person.


None! Complete beginners welcome (see top of this page).


Bookings are closed for this event.

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