English and Continental Knitting

Date(s) - Sun, April 23, 2017
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Over The Rainbow Yarn

For Maine’s Fastest Knitter Race, we run two rounds – one for English knitters and one for Continental knitters!

In this class, we’ll teach you whichever technique you don’t know. English knitters, we’ll teach you Continental knitting! Continental knitters, we’ll teach you English knitting! If you’re not sure which style you use, we’ll also teach you the difference between the two.

English and Continental knitters are also known as throwers and pickers, respectively. English knitters tension yarn in their right hand, and they “throw” it around the needle to make a stitch; Continental knitters tension yarn in their left hand, and they “pick” it instead. Whether you knit one way or the other just depends on who taught you. You’d never know which style was used by looking at a knitted work because the result is the same.

Many people find Continental knitting faster due to greater efficiency of movements, but it all comes down to your proficiency at your chosen technique.

There are several advantages to knowing both techniques!

  1. You can switch to the alternate technique when your hands are cramping; different movements utilize different muscles, so you can give your hands a break and also keep knitting.
  2. You get to expand your mind and learn something new!
  3. You get to decide which technique works better or faster for you.
  4. You can more easily knit stranded colorwork by holding one yarn in each hand.
  5. You can improve control over your tension – you will learn whether your tension is tighter or looser with each technique.

Materials: Any yarn and knitting needles

Prerequisites: Familiarity with any knitting technique

Cost: $25

Note: when you sign up online, we’ll reserve a spot for you; you may pay when you arrive.


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