Colors? In *MY* Palette?!

It’s no secret that I love dark colors– especially anything in grayscale. If you come into the store odds are that I’ll be wearing at least one article of black clothing ( odds are even higher that I’ll be in all black).  Any yarn here that I don’t have in this range is on the covet-list, but it may come as a surprise that there are also bright colors (and I mean bright. And Colors ) we have here that I’ve come to grow fond of! In this quick little post I would like to share some of them with you!

(Some photos may be slightly edited to try and get an accurate color. My phone isn’t very happy with most colors, either).
IMG_3299* Bamboo Pop: Turquoise (left) and Marmalade (right) *






FullSizeRender     *  Manos Del Uruguay Clara: Azafran *









IMG_3301* Marble Chunky: # MC52 *








FullSizeRender 6* Aaaaalllllll of the Bio Sesia 5 *








FullSizeRender 2* Cairns: #07 Mount Ossa *








FullSizeRender 3* Malabrigo Finito: # 031 Mostaza * ( Ok it isn’t super bright, but it was batting its lashes at me )








FullSizeRender 4* Ella Rae, Lace Merino Chunky: #501 (left) and #506 (right) *








FullSizeRender 5* Painted Sky: #217 *








FullSizeRender 7 *Painted Desert: #19 *








FullSizeRender 8* Ella Rae, Lace Merino: # 203 Bonfire * (Bonfire???????????)








FullSizeRender 9* Bamboo Bloom Handpaints: Precious Jade *

Written by Catherine Eason

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  1. Ooh! I see why you like them. They’re lovely! But I think that Malabrigo Finito is actually making eyes at me!

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