College is for Learning Things and Stuff

Despite my mother’s best efforts, the person I first learned to knit from was a friend in college (who then went on to spread the knitting fever to the rest of our friend group). I remember reluctantly agreeing to be dragged to a nearby yarn store even though up to that point I had always been “that child”– you know, the one who shuffles their feet in boredom and rolls their eyes when you try and get them to pick colors orĀ feel how awesome that baby alpaca is. The child always groaning and asking when it would be time to leave. In retrospect, I was ungrateful like that with a lot of awesome opportunities my family presented (sorry guys). The longer I was in that store, however, the more my interest in actually learning how to use all these soft, colorful yarns grew. I finally swallowed my pride and told my friend that ” I would sort of like to learn I guess”, and boy oh boy was I an opinionated and uninformed knitter at that time. Some thoughts I held included:

” I will only use 100% wool yarn because it’s the best — but don’t ask me why because I don’t actually know the difference between fibers.”

” Wooden needles are the best needles because wood is natural — but I will settle for these plastic ones because they’re on sale and I’m a poor art student. ”

” 100 yards? That’s so much! I can totally make a super long scarf with this! ”

” Learn to crochet? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA never. ”

And all I knew was garter stitch. I refused to learn how to purl. After about a scarf and a half (and you can’t even really call them scarves, they’re more like oddly shaped cravats) I put knitting down and didn’t pick it up again for about a year or so later when I left school (and then put it down for another long while and picked it up AGAIN when I started working here. Also crochet. It turns out that I love crochet). Looking back now, it seems a little funny that of all the things I learned (and didn’t learn) during my short time in college, that was the key education I got that led me to where I am now at the store.

Written by Catherine Eason

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