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Hello, my lovelies.

Things are moving quickly, but we’re not done yet! It looks a lot emptier in here than it actually is. We still have some needles, books, notions, and other things…and lots of yarn. And you’ll see some old familiar faces back again. Remember Liz and Kaila? They’re reorganizing the books and they’d be delighted to see you again. We’re going to stay open until everything’s gone, so you can expect us to be here during our regular hours, 10 am-6 pm, for several more weeks. Our proposed closing date is actually February 10, 2018. Come down and see all the great stuff we still have.

And speaking of books, the great deal for this week will be the books, patterns and magazines. If it has pages…or even if it has one page!…we’re ready to make you a deal. Buy one of anything with pages, and get a second one for a penny. We’ll mix and match and pair things up any way you like. We’ll charge the already discounted price for the higher priced item, then you’ll pay only one red cent for a second item.

Please remember that if you have store credit, Buddy Bucks or gift cards, you’ll need to redeem them before February 10, 2018. We’re also not going to issue any new Buddy Bucks or store credit after this week. If you haven’t redeemed your active rewards punch cards by Saturday, January 6, 2018, then they will no longer be valid, though we’ll honor outstanding Buddy Bucks until the end of business in February.

I also want to remind you all that if you have a certificate for a class or private lesson, we’re making appointments for those. Just call the shop and we’ll set up a time. 

We’re going to miss all of you, but not until February. Right now, we’re still here, offering most of the same old services and some great new deals. Come see us and we’ll show you.




Shortage of Prayer Shawls?

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Hello, my lovelies. Do you know about Sussman House? It is the hospice facility at our local hospital here in Rockland, Maine. You probably won’t be surprised that their Facebook page is not really active. You probably won’t be surprised that their PR in general is somewhat quiet and deeply respectful. You see, they oversee the most private experience we humans share. When we die, we go alone. But the waiting can be a beautiful opportunity for intimacy and comfort. 

And do you know about Prayer Shawls?  Simple knitted or crochted shawls mindfully made with love can bring deep comfort to those who are dying and those who wait with them. Such a simple thing, yet it can help people celebrate and grieve at the same time.

Now…did you know that the Sussman House is out of prayer shawls? We have a few regular knitters here at OTR who volunteer at Sussman House and one of them just came in and told me she spoke with the chaplain. They have no shawls to wrap around the folks who are waiting to die and their loved ones. 

Are any of you out there able or willing to, mindfully and with love, knit or crochet a shawl? I’d be happy to host a prayer shawl stitch-in event if you’d like. You can also talk to me about yarn deals I might be willing to make. 

Another Blanket Marathon comes to a close

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Well, my lovelies…we did it again. Another “I Love Yarn Day” Community Blanket 24 Hour Knitting Marathon has come to a close. After six years in a row, I’m still amazed and deeply moved by the outpouring of generosity and good will of our community. And I’m overwhelmed at how this event just keeps growing. This year, regulars like AIO Food Pantry and Pope Memorial Humane Society were joined by new comers Maine Cancer Foundation, (that’s them, on the left in their pink tutus leaving after the final shift) Midcoast Community Chorus, Coastal Children’s Museum and The Ripple Initiative. If you missed it, there are videos on our Facebook page.

All that said, Over The Rainbow Yarn is so pleased to announce that The Ripple Initiative has won the blanket marathon food collection challenge. TRI was able to mobilize their supporters to donate 1048 individual food items (and I didn’t even count the 4 boxes of diapers!) to AIO Food Pantry. Coming in a very respectable second, Maine Cancer Foundation had 476 items…which is still more than we’ve ever received from one non-profit before, too! Altogether, we were able to send over 1100 pounds of food to The Food Pantry. According to Liz Jenkins from AIO, this was the largest donation they have ever received, and the Food Pantry is full to bursting!


Thanks and more thanks to Berroco Yarn for the fabulous Vintage…we love you guys.

And thanks to the 60 knitters who filled 92 shifts to make these blankets possible. You lovelies make my world go ’round. It’s going to take a week or so to put the garter borders on the blankets, weave in all the ends, and bind everything off. Once I have that all done, we’ll have one blanket on display at Over The Rainbow Yarn, and the other will go to The Ripple Initiative’s storefront to show off. You’ll be able to see them close up and fondle them at will until Rockland’s Festival of Lights, November 25, 2017, when we’ll do the raffle drawing and two lucky people will get to take home these beautiful blankets. Raffle tickets are already on sale, and you can choose to vie for either the blue blanket, or the brown one. We’ll also accept direct donations, and all the proceeds will go directly to The Ripple Initiative. 

This extravaganza is a lot of work for a lot of people, but it is so much fun and so very, very satisfying. Oh, my lovelies…I’m so proud of all of us.