Colorful Shawl Spotting!

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Yes I know. The mention of color? From me? The person you can hardly ever see without at least one article of black clothing?

It’s true. I do have a bit of a soft spot for colors now and then. If you follow our Instagram account you may have seen a photo or two of some brightly colored skeins I picked out amongst our orders from our beloved On The Round— shockers, to be sure! Not only do I peek into the Bright and Colorful camp some of the time, but I also have quite the fascination when it comes to finding eye catching color work shawls! I may enjoy sticking to my knit-and-felted dolls, but I’m starting to build a pattern collection of these beauties. Here’s what I found this week!

Dreamcatcher © Natalia Moreva

I think we have some Malabrigo Sock that would work up nicely with The Dreamcatcher Pattern !

Raindrop Shawl © Ruth Sorensen

I could see the Raindrop Shawl working up nicely in Chickadee, or maybe even some Painted Desert for sure! 

The Durrow Shawl

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Do you ever have one of those days where you browse through your Pinterest board in hopes that there’s an exciting new pattern you forgot about? Today is one of those days for me, and I wanted to share my reunion with this gorgeous shawl: Durrow!  

© Lucy Hague


This shawl is absolutely gorgeous, and the projects people have put on Ravelry are a real treat as well! It’s been on my to-knit list for a while, and though I’m not sure if I would end up using all 4 colors it recommends, this Malabrigo and Ultra Alpaca Fine certainly catches my eye.

I’ve been playing with color combinations in the store again, can you tell?


What colors would you pick for this shawl? 


New Driftwood Needles!

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Good Morning, Lovelies– let me show you a cool thing!

After playing around with some sample sets we have decided to start carrying Lykke: Driftwood needles in circulars and single-points, and we encourage you to come in and try the samples we have behind the desk! Not only do they look amazing ( no, really, they’re my new favorites), but they feel amazing too. They’re much  smoother than other wooden needles I’ve used, and feel cool to the touch. I have yet to have issues with the tips splitting yarn, and oh gosh. Guys. They’re unbelievably lightweight. 

At the moment we have single-points and a few circulars, but we have more circulars on order as well as 3 interchangeable sets and a set for double-points!