Can’t… Stop… Knitting


These fingerless mitt kits from The Alpaca Yarn Company just arrived two days ago, and Jennifer handed one off to me to whip up a store sample. I’ve only got a thumb to knit and a few ends to weave in yet. I knit every day anyway, but lately I feel like I’m infected with knitting fever. I can’t… stop… knitting.

You all know what I mean, right?

You’re sitting on the couch in your living room. It’s 10:00pm, and you still haven’t made dinner. You’re getting a little sleepy, and your cats are getting more incessant in their demands for attention. But you just have to knit one more row before you can get up and take care of your neglected business. I mean, just one more row. Just one more row. You’re reminded of your boyfriend/husband/annoying little brother who just has to get to the next save point or finish the next round in his video game, but hey, at least knitting is a productive activity. Your stomach is rumbling, but each row is bringing you closer to the knitting finish line. You’re so close that you’re already beginning to savor the delicious satisfaction of another completed project, or is that just a craving for the dinner you skipped tonight? Each row looks a little different from the last because you’re knitting a stranded colorwork design in a hand-painted yarn, and you can’t help but eagerly move on to the next row in order to see the colors and the patterns come together. Your cat suddenly knocks the needles out of your hands, prompting you to glance at the clock. It’s 2:00am and your vision is a little blurry. You stumble into bed.

You don’t regret anything. You’ll probably do it again tomorrow.

Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

4 Comments on “Can’t… Stop… Knitting

  1. Those fingerless mitten kits are so cute. Can you share the price? Thanks.

    • Sure, the kit costs $24.50. And now that I’m halfway through the second mitt, I’m thinking there might actually be enough yarn included to make two pairs! Or a matching hat?

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