Second Annual

Maine’s Fastest Knitter Race – 2013

Welcome to Maine’s Fastest Knitter Race sign up page.  Below we’ve outlined the format and rules of the race and the responsibilities of the winner.  Please read carefully before entering.  To enter the race, leave your name, address, email and phone number in the comments box and we will send you a confirmation.

Location: The North Tent performance space at the Lobster Festival Fair Grounds.

Time: August 1, 2012.  The race begins at 1:30pm sharp.  Please be present at 1:o0pm to receive your number and materials.  Late entrants will not be allowed to compete.


1. In the interest of fairness, and there being no real way to cheat, employees of Over The Rainbow Yarn will be allowed to compete

2. Contestants may enter on the day of the race provided their entry is completed by 1:00pm.

3. Contestants will use needles and yarn provided by Over The Rainbow Yarn so all materials will be identical

4. The race will be divided into heats.  The first heat will be English style knitters (those who carry their yarn in their right hand and “throw” their stitches). The second heat will be Continental style knitters (those who carry their yarn in their left hand and “pick” their stitches).  The fastest English style knitter from the first heat and the fastest Continental style knitter from the second heat will then compete in the final race.  The winner of the final race will be declared Maine’s Fastest Knitter.

4a.  In the event of a hybrid style, a knitter will be classified by whether stitches are thrown or picked rather than which hand the yarn is carried in.  This designation will be determined by the judges whose decision will be final.

5. Each heat will be held in the same format.  Each contestant will be given a swatch with 100 stitches already cast on in worsted weight yarn on US size 8 needles (provided by Over The Rainbow Yarn) with four rows of garter stitch already in place.  A contrasting color will already be attached so it will be clear which rows were pre-done and which rows the contestant will complete.  There will be a count down (Ready, Set, Go) and contestants will complete four rows of garter stitch.  When contestants finish their four rows of garter stitch, they will shout, “Done,” put both needles in one hand and raise that hand over their head signaling the end of the race.

6. Three official observers will then count the rows to be sure all four have been completed.  In case of a mistaken stop, the heat will be run again.

7. The race will be video taped.  The video tape will be used to solve disputes about the finish of each heat.

7a.  Video tape will also be used for promotional marketing for Over The Rainbow Yarn, any and all sponsors,

and future Maine’s Fastest Knitter Races.  Photo/video releases will be available with your registration


8. In case of a tie, the two tied contestants will run the heat again against only each other.

9.  The official observers will do their utmost to ensure a fair and impartial resolution of disputes.  The decisions of these observers is final.

10.  After the two preliminary heats, the fastest English and the fastest Continental knitters will repeat the same format (100 stitches, four rows of garter stitch) to establish the overall winner.

Responsibilities of Maine’s fastest Knitter:

1.  The winner will be declared Maine’s Fastest Knitter and will be required to defend her/his title at the 2013 Lobster Festival.

2. The winner will receive a commemorative medal and prizes during the evening entertainment on the Main Stage between 7 and 7:20pm on Thursday evening. Arrival and preparation times will be determined in coordination with the Lobster Festival entertainment officials.

3. The winner will be asked to ride in the Lobster Festival Parade on Saturday, August 4.  Arrival time and preparation will be determined in coordination with the Lobster Festival parade officials.

The winner, Maine’s Fastest Knitter and will receive a $50 gift certificate to Over The Rainbow Yarn, and other prizes to be determined by commercial yarn companies who decide to participate.


To enter, please leave your name, address, email and phone number, along with a statement that you have read and agree to the above rules and requirements in the comments box.  A confirmation email will be sent to you with a contestant number.  You may also enter at Over The Rainbow Yarn, 18 School Street, Rockland, Maine 04841.