Buddy About Town: A Bath At The Loyal Biscuit

Hi, there.  Buddy here.  I was so patient while the spring cleaning was going on.  Now that it seems that Spring is really here, I figured it was time for me to get spruced up myself.  I needed a bath!  I haven’t had a bath since I moved into the store four years ago, and I was looking mighty scruffy.

IMG_3857Low and behold, the Loyal Biscuit moved and opened their new store front right across the parking lot.  And I had heard that they have a great spa in the back where a guy can really get clean without breaking anyone’s back.  No excuses now.  I got Mim and Lauren to take me across the parking lot, and, man, oh, man, do I feel better!

The Loyal Biscuit has a great back entrance so it’s convenient for the parking lot as well as from Main Street.  I scooted in the back with my entourage.  I was so excited to get my bath, but I also wanted to take some time and look around.

IMG_3861The first thing I did was introduce myself to the owner.  Heidi was great.  She was almost as friendly to Mim and Lauren as she was to me.  But she didn’t let them sit on her shoulder.  Heidi and her partner, Joel, have done a great job sprucing up the new place.  It’s so bright and cheery with refinished floors and a new coat of paint.  And there’s so much to look at.  I just spent some time wandering around, sticking my nose into things and exploring.  And Heidi was cool with it.  Seems like she’s used to dogs.


IMG_3871 I was delightfully surprised to find out that I am not the only dog living in a store in downtown Rockland.  I used to think maybe I was a little weird.  Now I feel like I could have a friend who is like me, maybe even more than one.  I asked Heidi what their names are, and she said they didn’t have names.  Didn’t have names?  How is that possible?  I’m pretty sure they do have names.  They just haven’t told anyone yet.  I’m going to call this dude Kush.  He’s the strong silent type, but I’m convinced we’re going to be great friends.



And this is Adeline.  Isn’t she sweet?  And she was having a bath, too!  We have so much in common.  We’re both into grooming.  We both look good in pink.  We’re both stuffed. And we both have an inexplicable fantasies about chewing the squeaker thingy out of the toy before burying it under the couch.  There are some things you just can’t do when you’re a stuffed dog.  But I guy can dream.  And a dream is even sweeter when it’s shared.  Adeline, I hope you’re reading this.  I’m going to dream about you tonight.



Buddy_Bull_SticksBuddy_Browsing_BonesAfter making the acquaintance of my new friends, I got distracted by the great things Loyal Biscuit has in stock.  They have a ton of toys and accessories for all kinds of dogs and cats.  There are chew toys and snacks, too.  And they’ve done a great job of making things dog friendly.  A lot of the important stuff is right down where I could reach them, so I could pick out my own…if only I had real live teeth to chew with.  With so many to choose from, I would have a hard time deciding.


Then it was time for my bath.  With convenient wash stations, it was a breeze to jump in, and everything I needed was right there.  I don’t have opposable thumbs, so it’s hard for me to work the sprayer by myself.  That’s why I brought Mim along.  She knows how to work the hoses.  She also knows just where to scrub and scratch.  She’s a real friend and never judges me when I get filthy.  And the wash station was a comfortable height for her, too.  She didn’t have to bend and break her back or hurt her knees.  We both enjoyed it much better than the old tub routine.

All in all, I was impressed with The Loyal Biscuit’s new location.  I had a great time and can’t wait to go back to see all my new friends.  Maybe I can’t get a new collar while I’m there.  Something spiffy to impress Adeline?  What do you think?

Signing off, ’til next time.



Written by mim


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