So many WIP’s and HO’s….

It’s November and as Mim mentioned in her last blog post, it’s NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month)!  There was a lot of banter about how crazy we would have to be to start a sweater with all of our other ongoing projects and life obligations and expect to finish it by the end of the month, so of course we decided that we must cast on. Who doesn’t dig a nice knitting challenge?  It turns out that a lot of us here at Over the Rainbow and our beloved Over the Rainbow Yarnies (that’s what we nicknamed our loyal knitting group participants; we’re so clever) do in fact enjoy knitting under pressure.  I want to give a shout out to Karyn, Barbara, Katie Ooooo, Martha, Kristin, and of course Mim for being such adventurous souls and joining the knit-along.

Casting on a new sweater made me reflect on all of my sweaters that have been patiently waiting to be finished over the last year and all of my other WIPs (works in progress) and HOs (half objects… this is a super fun new term that Katie Ooo let me in on).  I try not to think about how many things I have chillin’ on needles because no good can come of it.  I have cast-on-itis and it can’t be helped.  I’m not a one project at a time kind of gal (I suppose that I’m actually a 12-15 projects-atta-time kinda gal).  I recently moved and the state of my WIPs and HOs would horrify most knitters.  They were truthfully in tangled heaps, shoved in among stash, and generally neglected. I had to break the yarn from most  items to remove them from their HO purgatory; it was a sad sight. I decided that it would be a good idea to put them all in one box so that I could clearly assess the situation.

Behold the box!

This box is filled with a lot of awesome things that will someday be lovely garments.  It contains 19 items… 9 adult sweaters (Only 2 of them aren’t for me! Have I mentioned that I’m a super selfish knitter with an addiction to cardigans?), 1 baby sweater, 3 socks, 1 set-o-slippers, 1 neon orange doggerchief (for Eleanor Beans, my pretty lil pooch who wants to stay safe during hunting season), 3 blankets, and a pair of mittens.

Surprisingly, this pile of knitting madness made me feel better because it’s now contained.  Only 19 projects to finish!  I realized that most of my WIPs and HOs are just lacking sleeves.  I hate knitting the same thing twice.  For me, knitting the second sock and sleeve is horribly painful, which is why I need to have 12 other projects going.  By the time I get back to a second sleeve, I have forgotten that I knit the first one.  It’s all very logical and helpful in assuaging WIPs and HOs guilt.  I’ve decided to finish at least half of the heap by the new year.  I’ll keep you posted!

In an attempt to finish my “not so light but still delightful”, Still Light Tunic, I’m contemplating short sleeves instead of 3/4 sleeves (check it out below).  What do you think?  In honor of today’s big event (this is my tactful reminder that everyone should vote today!), let’s do a little more voting.  Short sleeves or 3/4, it’s such an important question.



One November, several years ago, I briefly thought about joining a friend in writing a novel in a month to honor National Novel Writing Month. (You can read about it here.)  It was an intriguing idea, but I bailed before even starting in favor of knitting boot socks for Christmas presents.  So, when I heard about National Sweater Knitting Month (get all the information and links you need here.)  I was pretty excited.  I missed it last year, but this year I was ready.  Thursday I cast on and I’m making great progress.  Here is Corinne from Knitty-Spring/Summer 2011.


I’m using Malabrigo Rios in Jupiter.  Isn’t it pretty?


I really love this warm red and, for once, I’m knitting this for myself.  I’ve only ever knit one sweater for myself and it was a disaster.  I was modifying it on the needles and my math was not all I could have wished.  It ended up too long in the arms and too short in the torso, too big in the bust and too small in the waist.  Then it got moths in it.  I have higher hopes for Corinne.  And I think I might be able to finish it in time to start a second sweater before November is over.

Meanwhile, at Over The Rainbow Yarn November is Thanks for Giving month.  We’re still selling raffle tickets for the Community Blanket to benefit New Hope For Women.  We’re still collecting non-perishable food for AIO’s Food Pantry.  And we’re collecting hats, scarves and mittens for Coats For Kids.  Here’s the deal with the hats scarves and mittens: if you buy a skein of Cascade 220, 220 Super Wash, Pacific or pacific Chunky, or Berocco Vintage, and bring back a skein’s worth of hats, scarves or mittens for children, we’ll replace the yarn for free.  And we’ll keep replacing it for as long as you want to keep knitting or crocheting.

And all that giving comes to a head at Rockland’s Festival of Lights, Saturday, Novemebr 24th.  We’re partnering with Harbor Family Services to be on Maine Street, right at the end of School Street, with Mrs. Santa’s Kitchen.  There will be a small present for everyone and something warm and comforting to drink.  We’ll have chairs around so you can sit and knit for a while.  We’ll draw the winning raffle ticket for the Community Blanket at 7:30pm and give all the proceeds to New Hope For Women.  We’ll give all the hats scarves and mittens to Coats For Kids.  We’ll give more non-perishable food to AIO for the Food Pantry.  It’s going to be great fun and we really want you to join us.


Ain’t we got fun.

Here at Over The Rainbow Yarn, we like to have a good time while we work.  But we also like to have a good time when we don’t work.  I love my minions.  They are without a doubt or an exception brilliant, talented, creative, hard-working, honest, team players with a wide streak of whimsy running through their collective heart that thrills and humbles me.

I set them a work goal for the month of September and told them that if they achieved the goal, I would throw them a party.  Well, they did achieve it and when I asked them what kind of party they wanted, they chose bowling.  So, on Sunday last, just ahead of the storm, bowling we went.

The first thing they had to do was check out the Pizzaz-O-Rama vending machine to get appropriate temporary tattoos.  Allison got roses.

Then, of course, there were the stylish shoes.

Don’t they remind you of The Mod Squad? (Am I dating myself with that reference?)

Preliminaries also included riding the virtual snowmobile.  I think it was a dead heat between Jennifer, Corwin and Believe.

It was a family event with partners and children.  We even had birthday cake!

Justine and Theresa racing
Kaila giving it her all.
Nathan and Corwin going head to head.
Happy Birthday, Corwin.
We had a great time and I think at the end of the evening everybody won.
And Today is Halloween.  Another day for whimsy and fun.  So here we are in our glory…well some of us anyway.
Yup…we love fun and whimsy.  We take every opportunity to let our inner children play (Ask me some day about step stool soccer or laughing hour or spanking each other with the wig forms…or…well…maybe don’t ask me about that.)  But could some one please help me wrap my brain around the chicken hat?
Oh, Kristin, for this among so may reasons I am deeply grateful you keep coming to work every day.  Imagine what Halloween used to be like without the Chicken Hat.