Barbara Walker knows best.

I’m knee deep in sweater design muddle at the moment.  I fell in love with a delicate lace pattern from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns and I’m determined that it will adorn the neckline of the sweater I’m cooking up.  Of course, the lace pattern that I’ve chosen isn’t as easily worked into raglan sleeves as I would like, so in an attempt to make my life “easier,” I thought I could outsmart Barbara Walker.  The whole debacle began when I decided to chart the pattern (I detest written instruction, bring on the charts!).  My chart lulled me into a false sense of security and I thought I could omit Barbara’s clear instruction that the lace is a 6 stitch repeat plus 5 sts.  I decided that I was too cool for the extra 5 stitches, since they complicated my plan.  I spent hours cursing my swatch because the pattern just wouldn’t work out as lovely as it appears in my mind and in my chart.  I became so baffled with why the math wasn’t coming out right that I had to bring Mim into the action.  We busted out our calculators and went back through my swatch for mistakes, unable to find any.  We were truly mystified until the epic moment when we realized that Barbara Walker rocks and knows what she’s talking about.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson and feel happily humbled.  It’s nice to find such simple answers to life’s major problems sometimes.


Someday this swatch will grow into a beautiful sweater for our manikin, who in company with her two pals is referred to as “the girls”….  Do you find yourself wondering why our girl has such a sweet old-timey tattoo in such a racy location?  I think she just likes to keep it fresh.

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