Another good reason to knit.

Lucy came into the shop today to ask if we would hang a poster for her and maybe promote the charity she’s working for.  It’s called Click for Babies and they are hoping to educate folks about what they call “the period of purple crying.”

All infants go through a period of crying, usually starting at 2 weeks of age, peaking at around two months and gradually decreasing in the thrid month.  For some it is mild and easy enough to live with.  For some it can be a lot more intense.  It’s not colic.  They are not bored, or tired or manipulative.  They just cry.  Sometimes a lot.  And there’s nothing you can do.  No amount of holding or putting down, no amount of feeding or burping or diaper changing, no amount of riding in the car or swaddling or tenderness at all can soothe these little ones.

They eventually grow out of it all on their own.  But it can be an unholy frustration for the ones who care for them.  Sometimes parents or other care givers don’t tolerate it well.  Sometimes parents or other care givers take it personally or snap.  And when that happens, it can be life altering for both baby and loved one.

In order to raise awareness and educate folks about this phase in hopes of preventing shaken baby syndrome and other forms of infant abuse, CLICK for Babies is asking folks to donate purple infant hats to be distributed to a local hospitals for their newborns along with education for their parents and care givers about this period of purple crying.  We want to help, too.  So…

For the month of September, you buy any skein of purple Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted, Cascade Pacific, or Cascade Pacific Chunky, take it home and knit a hat for a newborn.  Bring the hat back to us for CLICK for Babies, and we’ll replace the purple yarn at no cost.  Knit that into more hats, bring the hats back to us and we’ll replace the yarn again.  If you make the first purchase of purple Cascade yarn, we’ll keep replacing it as long as you keep bringing hats in until October 1, 2012 when we will send all the hats to CLICK for Babies for distribution.

Wee ones need time and patience.  Parents need time and patience.  A purple hat might help everyone sleep better at night.  Who’s in?



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