Announcing Galway Worsted!

When I started working here at Over The Rainbow Yarn, one of my first tasks was to open all of the boxes of new yarns, and check them against the packing lists. (Yes, it was pretty much just like Christmas.) Karla and I waded through piles of yarn in the basement, and then hauled them upstairs to start making rainbows on the shelves. The biggest project was the giant back wall of Cascade 220, over 100 colors. We arranged, rearranged, went to lunch, and came back to rearrange again.

The wall of Cascade 220

Now, almost five years later, the time has come for a change. We sold off our Cascade 220, and carefully vetted new yarns. We swatched them, we gave them to our regulars to knit and felt, we agonized, changed our minds, and eventually came to a decision. Finally, as last week’s blizzard closed in on us, we sent out our order to Plymouth Yarn Company for 101 colors of Galway Worsted! The yarn arrived in enormous boxes on Friday, blocking Lauren’s desk and almost filling the back office. I had a moment of panic, wondering if I had gone insane and ordered far, far too much yarn. (But Jennifer, I hear you saying, there’s no such thing as too much yarn!)

And indeed, you are right. In fact, I’d say I ordered exactly enough:

Ta daaaa! Galway Worsted!

This new worsted weight yarn is 100% wool, and knits at 5 stitches per inch on a #8 needle. It’s perfect for sweaters, cowls, hats, mitts, felted bags… pretty much everything. Come on by and admire our beautiful new rainbow!

Written by Jennifer Woodman

3 Comments on “Announcing Galway Worsted!

  1. VERY sorry to see Cascade 220 go – it’s been my ‘work-horse’ yarn for many years because of its many wonderful qualities. I have used Galway a few times and was always disappointed so I won’t use it any more. Quilt Divas used to carry Galway, and if they still do it would be a shame to offer something already available in town when there are so many wonderful yarns just waiting to come to Rockland. That said, there are still lots of wonderful yarns to explore at Over the Rainbow! Stay warm!

    • Hi Susan, I’m sorry you were disappointed by Galway! I was anxious about letting Cascade 220 go, because it has been our top yarn for so long, but I’m excited about this change. I don’t believe that Quilt Divas is going to continue to carry Galway, so we’re hopefully not doubling up. Please come visit us soon, and see our new offerings for spring! Take care!

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