Almost Done!

It’s time for an update on the Azel Pullover! I’ve had some quiet evenings lately, just me and my knitting and a glass of wine. As a result, I’m 9/10ths done with this cozy sweater/poncho. Just the collar and some buttons left to go!

Brooks has been away on a trip, so I’m reliving my single days. I’ve watched almost every chick flick on Netflix, and I’ve been listening to an amazing podcast called Nerdette. I do yoga, and talk to myself a lot (I’m sure my neighbors think that there’s another person in the apartment. As we all know, the best accompaniment to a movie or podcast is a knitting project, so there are a couple lined up within easy reach of the sofa. I honestly thought I would be able to finish the Azel last night, but apparently I fell asleep while knitting. Let me tell you, this pullover makes one cozy blanket — I can’t wait to wear it for real!

Whenever I have found myself really missing my awesome partner, I’ve cheered myself up with a hilarious piece by Lisa Shroyer called “Lisa’s List: 10 Reasons Knitting Is Better Than A Boyfriend”. Check out her amazing graphic of “Essentials for Singledom”!

Image credit: Lisa Shroyer/Interweave


Written by Jennifer Woodman

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