Ain’t we got fun.

Here at Over The Rainbow Yarn, we like to have a good time while we work.  But we also like to have a good time when we don’t work.  I love my minions.  They are without a doubt or an exception brilliant, talented, creative, hard-working, honest, team players with a wide streak of whimsy running through their collective heart that thrills and humbles me.

I set them a work goal for the month of September and told them that if they achieved the goal, I would throw them a party.  Well, they did achieve it and when I asked them what kind of party they wanted, they chose bowling.  So, on Sunday last, just ahead of the storm, bowling we went.

The first thing they had to do was check out the Pizzaz-O-Rama vending machine to get appropriate temporary tattoos.  Allison got roses.

Then, of course, there were the stylish shoes.

Don’t they remind you of The Mod Squad? (Am I dating myself with that reference?)

Preliminaries also included riding the virtual snowmobile.  I think it was a dead heat between Jennifer, Corwin and Believe.

It was a family event with partners and children.  We even had birthday cake!

Justine and Theresa racing
Kaila giving it her all.
Nathan and Corwin going head to head.
Happy Birthday, Corwin.
We had a great time and I think at the end of the evening everybody won.
And Today is Halloween.  Another day for whimsy and fun.  So here we are in our glory…well some of us anyway.
Yup…we love fun and whimsy.  We take every opportunity to let our inner children play (Ask me some day about step stool soccer or laughing hour or spanking each other with the wig forms…or…well…maybe don’t ask me about that.)  But could some one please help me wrap my brain around the chicken hat?
Oh, Kristin, for this among so may reasons I am deeply grateful you keep coming to work every day.  Imagine what Halloween used to be like without the Chicken Hat.

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2 Comments on “Ain’t we got fun.

  1. Kristin looks so serious with her chicken hat on! This is clearly very serious business…

    You are all such fun people!

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