Ahead of the curve.

YarnInBack_WEBKnitting for the season is always a little odd. If we want finished holiday gifts, we often have to start well ahead of time, or find a simple and quick project that works for the occasion. You wouldn’t think it to look at the calendar, but I’ve already started thinking and working toward Christmas.

When we put together the final list for The 12 Weeks Of Christmas knit along series, we’ve already spent months swatching, writing patterns, knitting samples, taking pictures and doing layout. In order to be ready for you, I’m starting this year’s offering in April.

Every year, there’s at least one hat, something for your hands, something for your feet, something for around your neck, something for your home and something decorative for the holidays. We usually have to double up on these ideas, without being too repetitive, in order to come up to the required 12 designs.



We try to make each project simple enough to accommodate different skill levels, but challenging enough to be interesting. And we try not to repeat ourselves from one year to the next. It’s a tall order.

Some of our designs become instant favorites. Some…um…not so much. If you’ve been following our 12 Weeks gatherings over several years, you’ll remember the Fisherman Rib Cowl, and the Tablet Rest. Arguably the high and the low.



This week, I have visions of slippers dancing like sugar plums in my head. I’m also looking at simple lace panels to adorn fingerless mitts. Maybe a stuffed toy? Something for the tree? And what should we offer for the boys and men on your list? The brainstorming is one of the fun parts, to be sure, but refining it all down to a sensible collection before we begin yarn selection is hard, hard, hard. And guessing what you’re going to want to knit in October for holiday gift giving is a daunting prospect.

Still, it’s a privilege and a joy to do this work so you all can have a delightful fall and holiday knitting adventure. But if you’d like to give me some suggestions? I could use some help with the inspiration part.

OTR smaller?For a complete listing of classes and events, take a look at our events page. http://overtherainbowyarn.com/events/  We have beginner knitting and crochet classes, as well as classes for more experienced fiber artists. We also have social Stitch-And-Spin circles several time a week, and events throughout the year. 

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