Here’s the deal with Over The Rainbow Yarn’s Rainbow Rewards:

It’s free!  Just tell us your name and email address, and we’ll keep track of everything you spend at the store.  When you reach $200, you’ll receive a $20 gift certificate.  That amounts to 10% off all of your purchases. You don’t have to carry a membership card.  You don’t need to sign in with a smart phone.  You don’t need to keep track.  You just shop like you always do and when you’ve reached the goal, a reward notification appears in your email inbox. Print your gift certificate or show it to us on your smart phone next time you shop. We’ll never sell your contact information.  This is just our way of saying, “Thank You” to our loyal fans.

Some exceptions do apply. The following items do not count towards Rainbow Rewards:

  • tax
  • sale items
  • classes
  • Ravelry patterns (printed at the register)
  • items purchased with gift certificates
  • items purchased with re-seller discount

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