Meet Chloe:

ChloeHave you met our newest minion, Chloe? You’ll find her here on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Chloe Finger is the daughter of captains Annie Mahle and John Finger of The Schooner J&E Riggin. Chloe has spent much of her life helping out aboard the schooner, and recently became a full-fledged crew member.

She’s a talented, creative and empowered knitter. She learned to knit at an early age and acquired much of her knitting skill at sea. She likes knitting accessories that keep you warm on foggy nights in the middle of Penobscot Bay.

Chloe has been home schooled for all of her years and is currently finishing her senior year by taking four college courses at The University of Maine’s Rockland campus. She grew up singing sea chanties with her mother, and astounds us by knowing just about every song that our Pandora stations play.

Chloe has been working at Over the Rainbow Yarn since October of 2015.

Chloe’s Latest Blog Posts:

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