Meet Buddy:

BuddyHello, my name is Buddy!
Well, my full name is “Stuffed Buddy”. Once upon a time, there was a real dog named Buddy who looked just like me. A little girl named Kaila wanted her own Buddy, but was appeased with a stuffed alternative. In recent years, I was resurrected for a new life at Over the Rainbow Yarn, and now I just go by “Buddy”.

I’m kind of the store mascot. I usually hang out right up front, on the windowsill. The OTR minions adorn me with hand-made accessories once in a while. Children love to snuggle me, walk me and take me home for slumber parties. I’m a pretty cool dog.

I’m also a salesdog. I specialize in underrated yarns. I will be appearing in the Over the Rainbow Yarn e-newsletter periodically, to talk to you about which yarns haven’t been selling so well, but really ought to.

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