A trip to the frog pond

As a knitter, I have learned so many ways to cheat and fudge and generally get away with making mistakes that don’t really show, that I am reluctant to take out work I have put in to a piece.  And part of being a life-long, experienced, technically superior knitter is knowing when I can get away with it.  Today I can’t.

It’s not a question of technical savvy or even simple counting.  Today it is a matter of color.  Specifically, the colors of my Color Affection shawl.  They are…well..not very affectionate with one another.  Instead of blending like a swirl of leaves on a mellow autumn afternoon in New England, it looks like the flounce of some traditional Mexican dance costume with over tones of the weird kind of candy corn that has the brown bits…you know, the kind the kids won’t eat because they are just wrong.

The orange is too bold.  The brown is too dark.  The red, rather than marrying them together in harmonious continuity just fades to bland.  Yup.  It’s just wrong.  Oh, the colors themselves are lovely.  Together, though, they are just heinous.

And there is no cheat in the world that can fix it.  I can’t knit two together or make one to make the count come out right.  I can’t pull back just the affected stitches and retwist a cable.  There is no safety line to a row I know is right.  It’s just wrong from the inception.  Bad color choice that I thought I was going to love.

It’s at times like these when every one needs a yarn buddy.  Someone to sit beside us on the couch and talk of inconsequential things and make another cup of tea.  Someone to rewind the balls and complain a little about their own tribulations with their current project.  Some one to just keep us company while we rip it, rip it, rip it.  There’s no help for it.  It has to be some.  And a little passive sympathy is soothing to this knitters soul.  Good thing I have Kristin.

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