A new approach

So, tell me if I’m crazy.  There is so much going on in our vibrant Mid-Coast area that folks are having a tough time committing to classes.  Oh, there are lots of folks who want to learn lots of stuff, and we have scheduled some great classes in response to requests.  But when it comes time, we’ve had to cancel most classes for lack of people.  We get it.  We all have really busy lives and there are so many wonderful things on offer.  It’s hard to choose.

The one area we’ve had success and a meeting of the minds is in our Beginner Drop In classes.  Every Monday evening from 5-7pm, there is someone here to teach beginner knitters and beginning crocheters their first stitches.  Then, since Stitch and Spin night overlaps from 6:30 to 8:30, the brand new knitters and crocheters can join the regulars and practice what they’ve just learned.  Neat, hunh?  It seems to work well for everyone.

So…we’re going to do the same with Intermediate Drop In.  Every Thursday evening from 5-7pm, we’ll be available for folks who are ready to move beyond the scarf.  Increasing, decreasing, yarn overs, traveling stitches and other intermediate techniques will be on offer.  Then, since Stitch and Spin overlaps from 6:30 -8:30, folks can join the group and practice their new intermediate skills.  If it works for Beginners, we’re hoping it will work with Intermediates as well.

Allison is ready to have Intermediate knitters and I am ready to have Intermediate Crocheters any old Thursday evening you want to drop in.  Come on; it’ll be fun.

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4 Comments on “A new approach

  1. I think I would be interested in the Intermediate. I am able to cast on, knit and pearl but want to make something OTHER than a scarf…. When will this start?

    • The Intermediate Drop In is starting right away! Stop by this Thursday (or any future Thursday) and we’ll get you started on an exciting non-scarf project!

      • Ok will do! My schedule looks like November before I will be able to start! See you then. BTW my Mareh just loves the after school Stitch!

        • We love Mareh as well. She’s a really good knitter and we enjoy watching her eye the yarn and plan her next project. If she and you are available, we’d even like to have her come down to the Knitting Marathon and put in a few stitches.

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