A merry “thank you” to you, too.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and, though we’ll be closed on Christmas day, we want to give you something fun and special.  It has been six months since we opened and you have all made this first half year a wonderful ride.  So…  all day tomorrow, we’ll be offering a Mystery Discount.  When you’re all done shopping and bring you yarn to the register, you can pick a chocolate.  On the chocolate there will be a sticker.  Under the sticker there will be a number.  That number will be your Mystery Discount.  Maybe it will be 10%.  Maybe you’ll get 20% or 30%.  Some lucky few will get 40% off their last minute purchases.


Come in for a cup of hot mulled cider and a cookie.  Sing a carol with us if the inspiration strikes you.  We’ll be here, and we’ll be filled with good cheer and gratitude for a holiday season that has you all it it.  The Mystery Discount is our way of saying, “Thank you” for your support.  You have no idea how you inspire us, or what we have in store for you next year.  Stick with us, kids, and together we’ll make the new year happy and bright.

Written by mim


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