A Farewell To Yarns

Dear Patrons of Over The Rainbow Yarn,

After almost five years of being your Local Yarn Shop Gal, it is with great sadness/excitement/trepidation that I write to inform you that the time has come for me to move on to something new. Getting to know all of you has been the highlight of my job — I don’t think any other business can claim to have such splendid patrons. Thank you all for sharing your stories, listening to mine, and generally being wonderful.

We’ve had some adventures, haven’t we? From yarn-bombing playground fences with flowers, to freezing our fingers off during wee-hour-of-the-morning shifts on the Blanket Marathon, to cozy heart-to-heart chats at Stitch ‘n’ Spins, we’ve had some glorious times. I value the energy that each of you bring to Over The Rainbow Yarn, and I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to get to know you. Those of you who met me when we first opened may remember that I started out as a very basic knitter. In fact, I originally told Mim and Kristin not to hire me — that they needed someone more qualified. Boy, am I glad that they ignored me on that one! I’ve learned skills right alongside some of you, and others of you have inspired me to keep stretching myself to learn new techniques.

Fun at work: sticker abs; swants!, Halloween

Now I’m leaping out of the nest in search of the next adventure. I’m not sure what it’ll be, but I’m hoping that it might allow me to use my archaeology degree, or involve museum work. I graduated from college almost 10 years ago(!), so I’m feeling like the time is now or never. Change doesn’t come easily to me, but the initial discomfort is usually worth it in the end.

Time to ride off into the sunset…

I hope I’ll continue to run into you all at the yarn shop and around town after my last day on April 6th. It has been a great pleasure to share these last five years with you, and I wish all of you the very best!


Jennifer Woodman

Written by Jennifer Woodman

8 Comments on “A Farewell To Yarns

  1. You will be sorely missed! Your smiling face and helpfulness will be hard to replace. Wishing you ALL the best in your new adventures. I hope they exceed your expectations!

  2. I am sorry to see you go. You have helped me select yarns and patterns a number of times. Because of you OTR has become my favorite yarn shop. Best of luck. Terrie

    • Thank you, Terrie! I hope OTR continues to be your favorite yarn shop!

  3. I’m so sorry you are leaving us! I’ve come to rely on you in my quest for info, knowledge and ideas! Hope your next stage will be filled with unexpected and wonderful delights!

    • Thank you, Anne! I was just remembering how much fun I had tying yarn flowers to fences with you!

  4. Yikes…how can this be? You have done a splendid job and I will surely miss you and your cheeriness. I am eternally grateful for you on many levels. Happy trails dear one!

    • Thank you, Bridget! I’m grateful for our conversations, and wish you happy trails as well!

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