In like a beastly lion…

Happy first Monday of March!  Last week was pretty crazy here at Over the Rainbow, luckily it was the good kind of crazy.  Over the last week, I kept hearing people discuss March and how it’s “in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  I’ve truly never heard that saying before, weird eh?  It’s been pointed out to me that I must have spent a fair portion of my life living under a rock (I do enjoy soil) and this is another one of those times when it seems true. (I also thought the ol’ gift horse saying was more along the lines of… “Don’t kick a gift horse in the teeth.”  I do think that perhaps my version sends a stronger message.) Since it’s a glorious new month, we changed our window display and Mim used her wonderful creativity to transform Buddy the Dog into a lion.  So, if you’re strolling by the shop and don’t understand why our stuffed pooch has a mane and has a mini lamb (who looks much more like a a fat four-legged spider than a lamb) next to him  don’t beat yourself up too much.  I didn’t make the connection, but I dooooo adore Buddy and his new mane.



Last week was also the one year anniversary of Mim and Kristin, the evil geniuses who keep us minions in line, first mucking it up and beginning the work to open the shop.  They are quite a marvelous team, with personality traits that complement each other so well.  I was a lucky lassie and got to spend a week with them in California at the end of January for a yarn conference.  We had a grand time and while I was there, I made sure to capture some truly flattering photos of them for future photo-chopping projects.  I really cherish all of the apps that allow me to make silly photo compilations.  Where would I be in the blogosphere if I couldn’t tease my coworkers with blackmail style photos chopped into ridiculousness?  So, here was the anniversary celebration cake from Corwinnifer and I.  Such fun times with good sports….  Corwin has Celiac Disease and couldn’t partake in the deliciousness, but we made sure to inform him of the goodness that he was missing out on because we’re nice.

cakeAnd finalllly,  I got around to giving the acrylic wonder shorts some loving attention.  I’ve been considering turning them into a skirt instead… a mini skirt with ruffles, lots of brilliant ruffles.  However, I officially decided they that are destined to be shorts with ruffles.  I just need to figure out how to knit a form fitting between-the-legs-pant-seat so that they can actually be considered shorts… it’s obvious that I got a little too excited about the short bit. On a side note, it’s very difficult to think of a word to describe the crotch without it sounding like crotch and having a weird connotation.  Mim suggested “inseam junction”  and Jen and I concocted “between-the-legs-pant-seat.”  We meant crotch. Some good old short row shaping might have made them a tad more wearable.  Stay tuned for the epic final reveal with the real life derby girl, Ice Cream Truck Full of Angry Bees.



Have a lovely week!


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