Fabulous or Gawd Awful?

Happy Thursday! I’m normally kind of a snarky grump about all holidays, they just aren’t my thing.  However, today has been such a lovely day.  The first great thing that happened was someone mistaking Jen and Corwin for a married couple who owned the yarn shop.  For those of you who know Jennnifer and Corwin, this is very amusing.

This is how I imagine their wedding album beginning.  Feel free to speculate whether or not those are tears of joy on Jen’s part.  Corwin would probably like to think so.  I think I will dub them, Corwinnifer!  Please call them this, if you see them together in town.  They may think it’s gawd awful, but it’s really fabulous fun.  There’s your bit of Valentine’s Day romance… Enjoy.


How could anyone be glum on such beautiful day?  It feels like spring.  Mim, Kristin, and I just returned from a yarn adventure in Long Beach, CA and we are all so glad to be back.  Leaving Maine, even for a week, always makes me appreciate it so much.   We missed the shop, Corwinnifer, and our amazing customers. It’s so lovely to be part of the Rockland Downtown Community.

Our view from the yarn shop window yesterday.  Fabulous.


A cake delivery from Karen and Michelle!  Fabulous.


A flower delivery from my sister, Trixie, who is way more thoughtful than I could ever dream of being and the epitome of awesomeness.  Fabulous.


Now that I’ve been properly sappy for the occasion, we can move on to yarn.  Check this out…

Meet Pompe yarn!  It’s one of those yarns that upon opening the box we are all wondering who thought it would be a good idea to order this.  I’d like to blame this one on Kristin.  She’s known for being the resident hippy at Over the Rainbow and this looks like her normal earth tone wool blend.  We like to play a little quiz game around here called “Fabulous or GAWDDD AWFUL?”  It’s pretty self-explanatory.  After further inspection, I’ve decided that this yarn is fabuloussss because I’ve found the perfect use for it.  Roller Derby booty shorts!  Who you wouldn’t want giant randomly placed pom-poms billowing about their hips as they skate?  The shorts are cast on and they are glorious. Hopefully, next week I will be doing the grand reveal.  Check out the Rock Coast Rollers and someday you may see my acrylic wonder shorts in action.




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