Looking forward to looking back

So the last time we were here together was the day before Christmas eve, and now it’s New Years Eve.  And a wonderful week it has been.  On Christmas Eve I did something I very rarely get to do.  I left at closing time, waving to my beloved Minions as we all made our way across the parking lot to our respective cars and headed into our holiday plans away from each other.  I went to the grocery store to get a couple of last minute things for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Then I remembered I had left something important at the shop.  I came back and saw our shop as I never get to see it.  It was dark and quiet.  I was all alone and everything was…peaceful.

Now, around here, we are many things, but peaceful is not really part of our repertoire.  We bustle and we dance.  We sing and we rearrange.  We knit and crochet and chat.  And there are a lot of us.  Ten people share our small office space.  There is always someone coming or going through all of our doors.  And then there are the customers and friends who come in to shop or just hang around.  It is a humming hive of activity in here.  But not on Christmas Eve.  This is how it was on Christmas Eve.









I got the thing I came for, then I just sat in one of the chairs up front.  And I drank in the quiet.  At this time of year, I tend toward the retrospective, and I did a bit of that.  In my retrospection it seemed strange to me that last year at this time, I didn’t know any of these people who now fill my store, my office, my days and my life.  A year ago.  It seems like forever.  Really, haven’t I known these people for, like, ever?  Last year at this time, I had an entirely different vision of what our shop would look like.  Now it looks and feels so just right it seems impossible that I could ever have had a different notion.  Strange how things come to pass.

But retrospection was only part of my reverie, the jumping off place.  What really hit home was the future stretching before me.  Looking toward future Christmases, I realized how very like a family we have already become and how we knit ourselves closer together all the time.  And we are already creating the memories we will carry with us.  We have our rhythms and we have our inside jokes.  We know each other’s preferences and make room for each others’s moods.  Each hand made ornament on this year’s tree has a story.

Jennifer’s Needle Felted Thumb Warming Kitty of Affirmation



The traditional Christmas SquidIMG_0501


Ruffle scarf garland…finally the perfect application for that stuff!   And Kristin’s beautiful bell that she got done just under the wire.



Justine’s radioactively genetically modified  Mothra Dove of Peace.  Man, that thing is huge!



Corwin’s statement against consumerism and the corporate agenda and…something…umm…about…yeah.  But it’s hand made, so it counts.



Allison’s cute little mitten.  For such a humbug, she sure went traditional.






As I sit here on the edge of the new year and dangle my feet into the flow of time that hasn’t happened yet, I want to archive these moments.  These will be the things I remember next year.  And before I make the dive into the future, I want to pack up a few things to take with me.  A backpack full of future memories to anchor me to this pivoting, swinging, revolving moment between times.  These will all hang on our future trees, and we’ll remember.  For now, looking forward and looking back, taking stock and making plans, I wish you all the happiest, fullest, most prosperous new year.  I wish you peace.


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