6 Quick-Knit Hostess Gifts You Can Finish For Thanksgiving

Are you going to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving?  Need to bring a hostess gift?  Here at OTR we love anything with a high knit-to-glory ratio.  You know, when you only have to put in a little bit of effort for a great big impact.  Here’s a round up of super simple, super quick ideas that you can finish quickly that will make you a hero.

image_7113_small2I love these adorable pumpkin napkin rings.  They’re so cute and perfect for bringing a subtle festiveness to a casual, homey table.  They’re done in worsted weight yarn so they make up fast.  You could stop at one or two, or you could make one for everyone who’s going to be at the table on thanksgiving day.  You might even like them enough to make a set for your own table. The pattern is free on Ravelry and you can find it here.

581b-2_medium2Some of us like to have our most practical, often used things be our most beautiful.  I mean sweeping the floor is so much more enjoyable if you have a beautiful, handmade broom, right?  Well, the same prinicple applies to this hot pad.  I’d be tempted to leave it on the table all the time just to add a splash of color to every meal.  Do it in cheerful red for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or a color to match your hostess’s kitchen or dining room.  It’s also a free pattern from DROPS Garn Studio and you can get it here

soap_3_medium2I have a firm belief that every woman in the world loves fancy bath stuff.  These lovely Soap Socks fit the bill.  They’re pretty and practical;the light abrasiveness of the wool exfoliates gently and beautifully.  The cinched opening means that when one bar of soap is gone, you can slip in another one.   Making them in a blend like Berocco Vintage Chunky means that you can toss them in the wash.  Another free Ravelry pattern that you can find here.

2326525867_a85b95b8c5_zI don’t know about you, but I love things that make my home smell delicious.  But that doesn’t always mean old kitchen smells.  Herbal sachets are my go to solution for ever-fresh scents.  These leaf shaped sacehts are pretty enough and quick enough that you could hang one from every window shade or blind string.  Fill them with a spicey cinnamon and clove mix for the holidays, or maybe mint, or lavendar, or maybe…  It’s another free Revelry pattern here.  

IMG_0360_medium2It’s hard to remember when we’re on this end of the seasonal spectrum that the days on Thanksgiving weekend have just as many hours of light as the days in the beginning of April.  It seems dark outside, but you can bring some cozy light to your favorite Thanksgiving hostess with some pretty votive candles dressed up in lace.  These simple votive jar cozies make a big impact sitting on a coffee table or mantle piece.  This is an OTR original and, this week only, we’re offering it for free on Ravelry right here.

owl_cozy_mediumAnd when this holiday is all over, we’ll all get back to work.  And for most of us that means our morning cuppa.  Your Thanksgiving hostess will remember you every day if you help here keep her java warm with this arodable owl cup coze.  Knit in worsted with simple cable shaping these lovelies will work up so fast you might be tempted to make one for everyone on your holiday gift list.  Another free Ravelry pattern here.

If you have a favorite quick knitted hostess gift idea, let us know.  We’re always looking for great ideas to pass along.

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