6 Perfect Travel Knitting Projects

If you’re traveling this Thanksgiving, you’ll want to give some thought to the knitting you’ll want to take along with you.  It’s always a challenge to find something that is easy and mindless enough that you can chat with family and friends or watch the game, but interesting enough to make you want to do it.  Something long term enough that you won’t run out of knitting even if you get stuck in traffic or have a flight delayed.  But something that has milestones that can give you a sense of accomplishment…when you get stuck in traffic or have a flight delayed.  It’s not an easy thing to decide.  We’re here to help.

winter_lot_-_misty_medium2Our first suggestion is The Honey Cowl in two colors.  It’s simple enough to memorize after the first round, yet intriguing enough to keep you interested.  And it’s a beautiful end product.  Start one for yourself, or make is as a Christmas gift for someone you love.   It’ll go up faster than you think.  You might even get it done over the long holiday weekend.  It’s a free pattern on Revelry and you can get it here.

IMG_6190_1_medium2If you are a fast knitter and want something with a little more yardage, but not a lot more brain power required, try the Heartsong Shawl.  The crescent shaping will keep it on your shoulders and the top down garter stitch pattern will be easy to work on while you’re in the planes, trains and automobiles.  The lace edging comes last and gives you something to look forward to after miles and miles of garter stitch.  This one is a pattern for sale and you can find it on Ravelry here.

p6190018_mediumShawls are a great travel project, so we’re giving you a second option.  This Traditional Danish Tie Shawls will be warm and cozy in your lap while you work on it, and even more so when you wear it.  Simple, pretty and practical, this project lets the yarn speak for itself.  Pick something that inspires you and have a go.  Again, not a free pattern, but well worth the price on Ravelry here.

5368768223_6e8cc4ec53_zIt’s easy to throw a bunch of scraps in a bag and let yourself be inspired by semi-random choice.  As you pull colors out of your bag and watch how they play together in your knitting, the Mini Mania scarf will fly off your needles.  This is the kind of thing you may find yourself staying up late to work on.  It has a huge “just one more color, just one more row” factor that makes it irresistible.  Ravelry pattern, free, here.

20150202_144323_medium2My favorite way to split the difference between a long term project and instant gratification is using scraps or yarn I’ve bought for the purpose to make one big thing out of many things.  The Sock Yarn Blanket uses modular construction so you get the excitement of starting something new every time you begin a square and the satisfaction of finishing somethign every time you end one.  It’s easy to pack, too, since you don’t have to have a plan for which colors you’re going to use.  Even though you won’t finish the whole blanket just now, it’s a satisfying knit.  Free Ravelry pattern here.

DSC_0343_medium2If you haven’t started a Beekeeper’s Quilt, this might be the perfect time to join the craze.  This in one of the most popular projects on Ravelry and it’s perfect fro travel knitting.  Toss a bunch of sock yarn scraps in your bag and go. The pattern is easy to learn and keeping a small project bag with sock yarn in it with you at all times means being able to make a lot of progress  almost imperceptibly.  And if there are other knitter heading for the same Thanksgiving table, you can trade some sock yarn scraps so you both get even more colors to work with.  The only danger with this is maybe letting the potatoes boil over as you try to finish just one more puff.   Not a free pattern, but you can get in on Ravelry here.

If you have favorite travel knitting projects, please share.  We like to see what you’re working on.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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