4 Great Knits For The Sports Fan In Your Thanksgiving

beer_cozy_new_mediumOne of the best things about Thanksgiving for my brother is sitting down with his son and watching whatever foot ball game is on.  They both have fantasy teams and the endless discussion of statistics is endlessly fascinating for them…while I knit away and ignore the whole thing.  These team color coozies can give you and your sports fan this Thanksgiving.  You can get a pattern here.

InUse_mediumAnd of course, part of the joy of watching the game together is lounging on the couch or in the recliner, and flipping through the channels between plays.  Keeping track of the remote is easier with this caddy that drapes over the arm of the sofa.  You might even be able to keep a tapestry needle and a pair of scissors in one of the pockets.  Free Ravelry download, here.

Football_Hat_2_medium2If you can’t get football our of your sports fan’s head, maybe you can try putting a football on his or her head?  I just think this hat is adorable and.  This pattern is not free, but I think it’s worth it.  You can get it here.

4057933307_528835f965_zHere’s another way to help your sports fan show their team pride…without being quite so blatant about it.  Whether your teen plays on the school team or your honey has a thing for the Denver Broncos, you can mix and match for any team color scheme.  This one’s free on Revelry and you can get it here.

No matter which one you decide to make, you’ll be giving your sports fan another reason to be grateful on Thanksgiving.

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