. Once upon a Wednesday….


Once upon a Wednesday….


Today has been a weird day at Over the Rainbow Yarn.  It all started yesterday, when I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis.  Yep, that’s right, I’m the first non-kindergarterner that you know who has ever had pink eye.  It’s super fun.  In order to contain the plague that was festering in my eyeballs, I stayed home from work, which allowed me to finish the marvelous green sweater that I started 1.5 years ago!   Another HO down in my knitting-projects-box-of-doom.


While the green sweater and I sat drinking our coffee with the rest of the crew at our Wednesday morning meeting, we started discussing our next charity event, the Mid-Coast Mitten Tree.  As you may have read, (if you followed that handy-dandy link I created) we haven’t decided to whom the mittens should be donated. Corwin wasn’t sure if there were enough folks in need of warm mitts in our area. In one of Mim’s many moments of brilliance, she retorted that perhaps we could focus our efforts on “Out of work hipster musicians, down on their luck.”  Jen suggested we call the campaign “Hungry, Hungry Hipsters.”  Corwin is a hipster in denial of his hipster-hood, so it’s very important that we make mean hipster jokes whenever possible.  This one goes out to Corwin…..



Next, Mim showed me arguably the most adorable photo ever of two sweet little Shetland ponies rockin’ some Faire Isle Cardis (throw in some thick-rimmed black glasses and those ponies might be in need a good hipster heckling).  Did you know that she just returned from an epic beach vacation where she got to ride some very similar horses?  Check out her sweet vacation photo…

best photo ever


Nothing like dragging your shoes along the moss on the moors…..  Such romance.

Any finally, our flippin’ trash can was stolen.  Who does that?  Perhaps, an out of work hipster, down on his luck and hoping to peddle some black market trash containers?  Your guess is as good as ours.  We encourage guessing!  It’s fun for us and we like to laugh.

13 - 1

I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday.  May your eyes stay healthy, your trash cans stay safe, and all of you fiber dreams come true.



My pelt don’t felt.




Until fairly recently, felting knit goods always made me really nervous.  I felttt like I didn’t have enough control over the outcome of my felting endeavors.  The idea that one could put countless hours into knitting something gigantic (all felting projects start gigantic… slippers that could serve as canoes, purses that one could smuggle a years supply of snacks and water into the theater with, etc.) only to have it potentially turn into a misshapen-ball-o-fuzz with no possibility of a redo did not sound appealing.  Working at a few yarn shops has made me want to expand my knitting horizons in order to be a well rounded fiberista.  So, a few years ago I undertook my first felting projects and knit about 5 pairs of felted slippers.  They were lovely and I was pumped.


A few months ago, I started a knit along on Ravelry to make the lovely FrenchPress Slippers by Melynda Bernardi.  I coerced some of the good natured Over the Rainbow Yarnies, to join me in the shop and assured them that it was going to be a swell time.  It was indeed a swell time until the felting began.  I’ve had my slippers finished for about a month now, but didn’t get around to the felting process until a week ago.  In usual Allison fashion, I underestimated the time that felting would take.  I had a hot date lined up to play pool with some fiber lovin’ buddies.  I was all ready to go, wearing my favorite black shirt when I decided to quickly felt my slippers.  I threw them in the washing machine and hung around waiting to see how the felting was going.  The felting wasn’t going at all.  I turned the washing machine back to the agitation cycle 10 times.  I took the slippers out to be shocked in cold water 5 times.  I was running out of hope, so I convinced myself that it was the cooling of the washing machine water that was causing the problem and decided to start again with more hot water.  In the mean time, I was becoming very late for my date and hopelessly covered in bits of burnt orange fuzz (fuzz looks real purty on black…. a great look for going out).    After 2 more agitation cycles, I noticed that bits of my slippers were actually shredded. That’s when I threw in the towel and accepted felting failure.  The orange fuzz was really epic, I’ve had to clean my washing machine three time.  It’s still lurking in every possible crevice of my washing machine waiting to attack.


The next morning I went to work to shamefully explain to Mim that my shop sample was now a shredded lump of fuzz.  After a bit of googling, Mim found that Blue Faced Leicester wool doesn’t felt.  Such a lovely discovery to warn customers about!  Another lesson learned!  Luckily, I’m moving past my obsession with the color burnt orange and heading into an emerald green phase. I think the universe was telling me that I actually want a pair of green slippers. 🙂  And that’s how I felt.